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Statistics Made Easy


Statistics Made Easy is part of Fisher Statistics Consultancy Limited, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. SME is comprised of highly qualified consultants who are experienced in applying all types of statistical methods to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs.


Our professional staff members have high expertise in their respective fields, with Ph.D.'s from top UK and US universities in all research disciplines. Our consultants are competent to handle the most complex projects requiring special expertise in statistics, business and academic research.


We are experienced in all types of quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques, statistics tests and data visualization. We have extensive experience with factor analysis, principal components analysis, all types of regression analysis (linear, logistic, ordered, generalised, and multinomial), multivariate analysis (MANOVA), hierarchical linear modelling, correspondence analysis, linear and non-linear mixed models, structural equation modelling, partial least squares, cluster analysis, time-series analysis, survival analysis, meta-analysis, non-parametric tests, thematic extraction and coding, qualitative and content analysis, imputing missing data, Bayesian data analysis, supervised and unsupervised learning, and simpler statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, all types of charts and plots, t tests, ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, chi-square, correlation analysis (Pearson’s, Spearman’s, Kendall's, and partial), etc. We are confident that we can tackle any quantitative or qualitative data analysis and statistics requirement you may have.

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