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Business Consulting

Statistics Made Easy provides services for established businesses and entrepreneurs who are on the threshold of starting a new business. We have found solutions for hundreds of businesses faced with complex quantitative problems, and have helped many businesses improve profitability and efficiency through the application of advanced statistical modelling methods.


We provide our clients with solutions by conducting research and applying analytical and theoretical thinking and creating an analysis based on proven statistical methodologies and techniques. 


Statistics Made Easy provides assistance in designing and administering questionnaires, employee/client surveys, quantitative and survey data analysis, forecasting or predicting of sales, and customer profile modelling. 





We will render assistance in designing your questionnaire, ensuring that the right questions are asked to obtain the reliable data needed to achieve the objective of the research. We also offer our service in processing the results of the questionnaire, to help you find ways to run your business more successfully and achieve your goals.



Employee/Client Surveys:


Employee/Client Surveys are conducted to assess your employees' and clients' views, in order to achieve high quality customer services. We will help you by developing properly constructed employee and client surveys, as well as by analysing their results.



Quantitative and Survey Data Analysis:


We can help you succeed by providing expert analysis of the data gained through your business survey, providing cutting edge research and an advanced, detailed report to put you ahead of your competitors.


Sales Forecasting/Predictions.:


Sales Forecasting is a core part of business planning. It can be used to predict flow requirements, and identify the basis for the business's production plans. Our team of professional statisticians can help you prepare your sales forecasts, taking account of all relevant variables, for a properly organised text that will form the basis of your business operations.


Customer Profile Modelling:


Customer Profile Modelling is an important part of marketing whether for products or services. Our team understand its crucial nature and provide a high caliber service that will help take your marketing to a new level of efficiency and productivity. After carrying out the statistical analysis of your data we will present the results in a comprehensive and easy to understand report. 


As well as carrying out the analysis for your company or organisation, SME can also carry out the research on your behalf. We can also help in the design of surveys, and in data mining and analysis of products and services. 

SME is comprised of highly qualified and professional consultants with experience in applying advanced statistical methods to provide our clients with solutions. These methods include, but are not limited to, all types of regression analysis, ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, MMANOVA’s, survival analysis, structural equation modelling, principal component analysis, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, hierarchical linear modelling, partial least squares, cluster analysis, time-series analysis, meta-analysis, non-parametric tests, Bayesian data analysis, supervised and unsupervised learning, Monte Carlo simulations, neural nets, ARCH and GARCH models and Thurstone-Shapley analysis. We also run simpler analysis and tests like descriptive statistics, t tests, chi-square tests, correlation analysis and all types charts and data plots. We can help with data management, editing and preparing templates for data entry and management. The solid background and in-depth experience of our consultants in applying these methods and tools will enable them to help you with any business problem or quantitative requirement you may have.




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